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"As it's name suggests, the HKDLA is geared solely toward the long term development of it's competing players and teams. By taking the pressure of league tables off the players and coaches the teams are able to focus on developing the important match knowledge and technical skills that are so vitally important in a player's development. All the players at our club have benefitting greatly from their time playing in the HKDLA, and us as coaches have benefitting from the extra match time that this league has given us. On top of that, the league has been remarkably competitive, with some enthralling games testing the nerves of parents, coaches and players alike! 

We hope that the league can continue to go from strength to strength and we look forward to their continued support in the coming seasons"



Happy Football



The arrangement of Development League of this year is wonderful ,but if the match time can have a little bit longer will be better , that the player can have more time to enjoy the game,
And Also I think the U8-5person U10-7person U12-9person like the HKFA will be better!
Many thanks of you club arrangement ,our player enjoy it very much

Yau Tsim Mong

We are feeling that it is very great chance to let all kids play with other strong teams. Also it is very good experience for all the kids playing in formal football with referees.