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Firstly this is the same as the model in the UK and Europe. All the top pro clubs run their academies/ centre’s of excellence in the manner.
Because there are no 3 points for a win and no league winners the pressure is taken of the players to win, win and win. They just focus on playing and enjoying the game.
This in turn takes pressure off the coach to get results and allows them to focus on developing the players instead of working out how to beat other teams.
This in turn leads to players getting equal playing time. With no pressure to win the less talented players can also get fair game time.
This also produces more diverse players as coaches have more freedom to experiment and can teach players to play in different positions.
A development league allows clubs to produce a style and/or philosophy. No matter what the scores teams should still play in the same way and try to play good football
This will also help  to educate the parents and prevent hostile touchlines and aggressiveness.
This is turn helps the referees, as everyone is there to learn and develop there is less pressure on the referee to get decisions correct. They too can use this as a learning process and develop.
From all this more confident and creative players will be produced. The future of HK football can come from this league.
If we always do what we always did, then we’ll always get what we always got. It is time for a change, it is time for something new.