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Games Rules

For the league to function effectively it is important that everyone involved on game day follow the philosophy of the league.

By following the below codes of conducts the positive development environment we are striving to create will be achieved.



I will give maximum effort, even if the game is lost. I will always try my best no matter who the opposition.

I will use the games to improve my skill, technique, tactical understanding and fitness.

I will never use inappropriate language or be rude and unpleasant towards others.

I will play within the laws of the game, not cheating, but playing fair.

I will accept success and failure, victory and defeat, equally.

I will show respect.


 ►I will show respect:

I will respect opponents, whoever they are and shake hands with them at the end of the game.

I will respect the referee and the decisions they make. If I disagree with a decision I will not argue about it.

I will respect the coaches and the decisions they make. I will not disagree with them and will understand that they are making decisions

not just for me but for the whole team.